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The crypto wallet addresses below were created by your product or service vendor and directed to you. Check the wallet address and wallet network of the relevant cryptocurrency before making a payment. Please pay if the wallet address and network are correct. However, if you encounter an incorrect transaction, do not pay and please contact your seller. is not responsible for incorrectly sent and undelivered payments. Please do not forget to send a payment notification to [email protected] after payment. Also, in case of conflict with the seller, please contact us at [email protected] e-mail address.


 Bitcoin  BTC  BTC  bc1q0gev9mcwp5t7qnug6gfdp24zzvkptl3kwe4hvc
 Bitcoin Cash  BCH  BCH  qqav5q83xy6h29wtsyu77g9ze0dhkvh50qug2n3nss
 Litecoin  LTC  LTC  MFi81R2MGLwb4htKiZQGgVJZ1o3bU84t39
 Dogecoin  DOGE  DOGE  D7bHaVbYa4CEKmUmXSdX6Udfc9CRc9W5jP
 Ripple  XRP  XRP  rraG64PKnfAjKjV3JzG9UNJVrpxAWP51bq
 Tron  TRX  TRX  TTqeoNdvSpYFbX3XeiXD5zmXHceh35SN8R
 USDT [ Tether ]  USDT  TRC-20  TTqeoNdvSpYFbX3XeiXD5zmXHceh35SN8R
 USDC [ Circle ]  USDC  TRC-20  TTqeoNdvSpYFbX3XeiXD5zmXHceh35SN8R
 Ethereum  ETH  ETH  0x53626fa6DB072bc24D458db7ef2F2566c3c4B91c
 USDT [ Tether ]  USDT  ERC-20  0x53626fa6DB072bc24D458db7ef2F2566c3c4B91c
 USDC [ Circle ]  USDC  ERC-20  0x53626fa6DB072bc24D458db7ef2F2566c3c4B91c
 Avalanche  AVAX  C-Chain  0x53626fa6DB072bc24D458db7ef2F2566c3c4B91c
 Binance  BNB  BSC  0x53626fa6DB072bc24D458db7ef2F2566c3c4B91c
 Polygon  MATIC  MATIC  0x53626fa6DB072bc24D458db7ef2F2566c3c4B91c
 Solana  SOL  SOL  i8qdwY9TJKdbijpDDrcbdGeuUPDc8qEhvTKuZKVVsYz


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